Hydronephrosis A rare anomaly: Advanced Congenital Hydronephrosis in a Cat

Hydronephrosis in a cat


  • Başar Ulaş SAYILKAN OMÜ Veteriner Fakültesi




Anomaly, cat, congenital, hydronephrosis


Hydronephrosis; is an abnormal condition that is the structures of the kidney, characterized by atrophy of the renal parenchyma and dilatation of the renal pelvis. It can occur due to congenital or acquired reasons. A 2-month-old female, mixed breed cat was admitted to our outpatient clinic with complaints of loss of appetite and vomiting for a week, which did not improve despite being treated in different clinics. The patient was applied for general physical examination, complete blood count, serum biochemistry analysis, urinalysis, and abdominal ultrasonography. In the general physical examination of the patient, it was determined that the kidneys were smaller than usual and had irregular borders. Nonregenerative, normochromic, and normocytic anemia were found in the complete blood count. In the serum biochemistry analysis, urea and creatinine values ​​were much higher than usual. Proteinuria was found in urine analysis, and Urine Specific Gravity was determined as 1010. As a result of ultrasonographic imaging performed on our patient, it was determined that both kidneys were grade IV hydronephrotic. Nephrectomy or pyelography was not considered necessary. The owner was informed that the prognosis would be poor and euthanasia was recommended. The patient's owner refused euthanasia.

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